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Kmart Intranet

Click. The new Kmart Intranet

Kmart Australia (Kmart) is an innovative retailer employing more than 24,000 team members in 260 stores across Australia. As a progressive and forward thinking retail leader, Kmart readily identifies innovative technologies to assist team members with communicating and collaborating more successfully.

CentricMinds assisted Kmart with transforming the way team members publish operational content to select audiences through the launch of a new enterprise-wide Intranet. The new corporate Intranet, Click, was tailored to provide a user experience that was on brand with Kmart's recently launched national campaign. The warm and user-friendly interface captures the positive spirit of Kmart's successful retail culture.

Kmart Intranet UI

An intuitive and easy to use user experience was designed to encourage participation, reduce the complexity of publishing content and greatly simplify navigation through the use of simple to use resource directories, social media inspired posting by team members through the Store homepages, and the implementation of advanced search to discover and surface both web and document content published by Intranet authors.

Watch the video below for an insight into the Kmart Intranet project.


What we've been able to develop is a new Intranet with CentricMinds that will really allow us to grow into the future as Kmart continues to evolve.

Lloyd Jones. Process Store Support Manager, Kmart Australia.

The value of clear and concise communication across the business is what also led Kmart to openly support team members sharing their stories with the rest of the business. Within Store operations pages, staff can post their stories within the forms provided. Store managers are notified of these stories via workflows and can view them within the live Intranet page before deciding to approve them for publishing, or choosing to return the stories to team members with proposed edits.

Kmart Intranet News functionality

At the heart of the new Kmart Intranet is the CentricMinds Document Management System. The DMS suite is seamlessly integrated with the core Intranet user experience, and enables Kmart authors with document management privileges to control both simple and complex document publishing and management tasks with little effort. The DMS supports full versioning and document lifecycle actions (Check-in, Check-out, Rollback and Restore). Authors can also compare versions of Microsoft Office and Adobe documents side by side, where the highlighting tool will show differences between the documents being compared.

Kmart Intranet DMS functionality

One of the great benefits that has come out of this is particularly for authors. Drag the item you want and drop it onto the page in the Resource Manager to determine where you want it to be.

Craig Young. Comms & Impacts Store Support Manager, Kmart Australia.

Implementing a drag and drop document authoring process significantly removed the barrier to entry for all non-technical operations staff. CentricMinds also manages security and metadata associations, search indexing and the support of in-line functions like users commenting on documents, web browser previewing of multiple document formats and the ability to bundle multiple documents together to create a single download for team members in-store.

Kmart Intranet device view

It's really putting that communication and engagement tool into the pockets of all of our team members. We really see this platform as being something that will allow Kmart to grow as the business changes into the future.

Lloyd Jones. Process Store Support Manager, Kmart Australia.

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