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Website content management

The CentricMinds CMS has been employed to manage small business sites through to enterprise sites for multi-nationals that support hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month. Built over the past ten years, the CentricMinds CMS has been tested by third parties for speed, security and performance.

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Intranet management

The CentricMinds CMS delivers a comprehensive Intranet solution employed by industry and government offering integration with Office (both Windows and Mac), Outlook and Active Directory. Organisations have delivered successful Intranets using CentricMinds for a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

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Document management

The CentricMinds Document Management System is a specific implementation of the CMS and provides a web-based document management environment supporting integration with Office (both Windows and Mac), Outlook and Active Directory.

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Multi-site Management

The CentricMinds CMS multi-site implementation supports the management of multiple sites (Internet, Intranet, Extranet) from a single CentricMinds instance enabling authors to design and publish content across multiple destinations.

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