CentricMinds Document Management System

Web Services.

CentricMinds provides an API for accessing resources via a RESTful Web Service.

This API accepts and provides data in the JSON format and enables developers to create applications for the CentricMinds platform using the following key web services. Some examples of the available end points include:


The 'Users' web service end point provides developers with access to the CentricMinds user management functionality. This includes retrieving user information or updating a user's profile, permissions and more.


The 'Documents' web service end point provides developers with the ability to query the profile of individual documents to access all information include file type, size, metadata, version history etc. Developers can also determine which users have read and write permissions for documents.


The 'Folders' web service end point provides developers with the ability to query the structure of a folder hierarchy within CentricMinds, the read and write permissions on folders, the document count within folders and more.


Access to the API can either be anonymous (only returning documents and content accessible by the 'Everyone' role) or authenticated (returning documents and web content accessible only by the user account which has successfully authenticated).

Authentication to the API is performed initially by providing a 'username' and 'password'. Following requests use a token exchange to maintain the authentication.

Download the CentricMinds RESTful Web Services documentation.

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