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Work is changing. More of us are working remotely and the desktop bound work tools that we’ve relied on for decades seem rigid and out of date in an increasingly mobile economy. For most of us, our personal and work communication are channeled through our personal device. We send email, respond to colleagues through chat apps, comment on our friends Facebook post while checking in at the airport using the airline app. Our mobile device has become our digital office and playground. The CentricMinds native iOS and Android app supports the growing mobile behavior of your workforce.

CentricMinds Mobile App looks great in mobile
CentricMinds Mobile App looks great in mobile
CentricMinds Mobile App looks great in mobile
CentricMinds Mobile App looks great in mobile

We’ve written about the importance of ensuring your Intranet is mobile, and the CentricMinds app enables your team to perform a range of work tasks directly from their iOS and Android app.

The mobile Intranet

The CentricMinds app presents the desktop Intranet experience on your mobile. Team members can browse, search, like and comment across the Intranet from their mobile device.

Discussions at your fingertips

Reduce your use of email to get everyone on the same page. Discussions enable team members to like, comment and follow other team members. Users can switch between public and private forums and engage in real time discussions with colleagues.

Document Management in your pocket

Need to email that document to your team member, but your on the train, at the airport, in an uber? Tap to browse the document management repository, select the document you want and email it to your colleague. Search documents and comment on documents from your mobile device.

Tasks and scheduling on the go

Managing a distributed workforce? Using email and SMS to send tasks, reminders and schedules? Oh boy, how 2001 of you. Task and scheduling management is a core function of the CentricMinds app. Create and manage tasks within the Intranet and assign actions for individuals or groups. The app will automatically push notify people that tasks are pending their review and action. Reporting on task and scheduling activities are integrated with Google Analytics.

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