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Great Intranets solve one key problem; they simplify the presentation of complex information.

Content comes in a variety of forms, with the typical homegrown varieties being text, images, documents and video. The process of preparing, publishing and managing different forms of content result in complexities that still alienate most people who are expected to publish to an Intranet. The process of distilling this complexity in CentricMinds is achieved using the Control Library; a reusable collection of controls that can be added to any page within the Intranet by a business user, and designed to enable the configuration of complex content presentation tasks.


Authors can chose from a range of controls for managing content including Content Listings, Decision Trees, RSS Feeds, Text Items, Content Personalization and more.


CentricMinds enables the querying and presentation of data, both stored internally within CentricMinds' Data Repository, or externally via Database Query. These controls enable the presentation of dynamic data within a web page containing other content types like text, documents and video.


Authors can create and manage Event Calendars, Registrations, Submissions and more. Customers have established bespoke event management tasks using the suite of controls such as Room Bookings, Car Pool Schedules, Team Building exercises and more.


CentricMinds providers a suite of controls for the management and presentation of Documents within web pages. Authors can display dynamic lists, allow other authors to upload documents into controlled environments, present statistics on document usage and more.


Once an author has created their own form using the CentricMinds Form Builder, they can associate these forms to web pages within the Intranet. The suite of form controls enable the presentation of forms, the management and display of form submission data, outputs, lists and summaries. Setup a HR Job Board for the management of internal jobs, allow Intranet staff to submit support tickets to the Helpdesk, display the results of an internal survey and more.


Authors can choose to display media like audio and video, embed YouTube video and control the presentation attributes, display dynamic Image Galleries and control the presentation of a collection of static images.


CentricMinds enables authors to display collections of content based on their categorization.


Authors can introduce navigational components into their Intranet content including A to Z directories, dynamic and hierarchical menu systems, page tracking and more.


CentricMinds provides search as a reusable asset. Typically an Intranet provides a single global search, but what if you wanted to provide a controlled audience with their own search experience? Authors can also define the display of search results, present search statistics and more.


Using the suite of security controls, authors can establish powerful work spaces within the Intranet. Provide staff with forms to register in order to be granted access to a secure environment, configure invitation emails, display all users in a group and present workflow tasks for users to complete.


CentricMinds supports the presentation of content from third party social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Using the Stream controls, authors can display social content from the Stream Enterprise Social Network directly inside the CentricMinds Intranet.

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