CentricMinds Workplace Intranet

Employee Management.

People are at the center of any Digital Workplace.

Providing tools for the management of staff is fundamental in allowing employees to discover, connect and engage in conversation and collaboration with other team members.

CentricMinds provides a range of employee management tools covering integrated Chat, Forums, Staff Directory and Organizational Chart Management. We understand some organizations want to go beyond standard employee management tools, and that's what we developed Stream, our Enterprise Social Network.

A standard deployment of the CentricMinds Digital Workplace platform provides the following configurable environments.

Chat & Forum

These tools can be quickly embedded within any public or secure page across the Intranet. Allow users to collaborate and reply on threaded discussions, follow each other similar to Twitter, and be notified when users that you follow post future comments to the forum.

Staff Directory

Once CentricMinds is connected to your Active Directory environment, all populated staff profiles will be dynamically presented in alphabetical order. Intranet users can search for staff by name, title, location and more. Filters can be configured to only display sections of the Staff Directory based on the security role of the user performing the search.

Dynamic Organizational Chart

CentricMinds supports both single and federating Active Directory instances. Once connected, the organizational chart will dynamically render an interactive chart allowing users to traverse up and down the staff hierarchy. Clicking on a organizational node will display staff associated with the selected department or group.


Each staff member is able to manage and maintain their own collection of Intranet items. As users traverse the Intranet, they can select Pages, Documents and Content to add to their personal collection. This provides a personalized quick links directory accessible from anywhere in the Intranet.

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CentricMinds Workplace Intranet

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