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Form Designer.

The digital workplace is challenged by user expectation, the need for managing bespoke information management requirements and the rigour of security and privacy.

Many organizations have invested in an Intranet to solve these expectations, but historically many Intranets fail in their ability to deal with the complexities of these demands.

Design & publish bespoke forms

Being able to design and publish bespoke forms to an Intranet provides enormous potential to accelerate the opportunity of solving these challenges. Using the most basic approach, organizations will use forms to run company wide surveys to poll staff on a myriad of delta’s; how can we improve ABC? What do you think of XYZ? Do you agree with A or B? When used more intelligently, forms can replace paper based processes, automate mundane tasks, provide real-time reporting metrics and place more relevant data at the hands of the people who need it now.

Drag & drop Form Designer

The drag and drop Form Designer in CentricMinds was created for non-technical business users to build single or multi-part forms. These are the people who know what the form should do, and what information they want to capture. These people understand the business case, the expected business process and the type of data they want to collect in order to influence a positive business decision.

By enabling form creation and publishing to be as straightforward as document publishing, CentricMinds enables organizations to plan and launch sophisticated data driven Intranet’s, rather than silo’s of static content.

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