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In Context Authoring.

Empowering business users to become power authors starts with an intuitive user experience.

At the center of CentricMinds is an in-page authoring environment that has evolved over a decade of customer experience design. Historically, enterprise applications never consider placing the user at the center of the operating experience. Solving information management complexity doesn't inherently mean the software itself must be complex. Many enterprise authoring platforms still require the author to traverse layers of configuration and concepts that most people are largely unaccustomed to working with. CentricMinds provides a powerful in context authoring experience. Once users are shown the basics, confidence naturally increases and most users adjust to taking on more complex tasks within the authoring work flow.

What You See Is What You Get

Historically referred to as What You See Is What You Get, business users can plan, design and author their Intranet web content directly inside the live Intranet page. Authors can choose from a library of templates which determine the layout and appearance of content within the Intranet. The in content authoring experience allows users to ‘point, click, drag and drop’ to publish simple and advanced content. 

Freely author content, plus drag & drop media directly from the desktop

The embedded text editing experience allows users to freely author content, drag and drop media directly from their desktop into the live Intranet page, cut and past content from environments like Microsoft Word and where the editing tool will clean up embedded formatting automatically and dynamically apply Intranet styling, and add other content types including video, external data and more.

Control Library

At the heart of the authoring environment is the CentricMinds Control Library. Authors can freely choose from over one hundred controls to freely embed different content types within the pages they are authoring. The control library provides a variety of content types including rich media, forms, data lists, events, tasks, documents and more. 

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CentricMinds Workplace Intranet

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