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Workflow Designer.

Any modern workplace is confronted with the complexity of having to manage bespoke business rules.

Nothing is black and white, and enterprise software is designed to help navigate the grey area that governs the dynamics of any organization.

Within the grey is the process of workflow. When things happen, this triggers something else to either start or stop. Like a subway system that connects a large city, people know when they arrive at the station what train they need to get in order to get to where they’re going. Content, data and people are like trains on a subway system, and workflow is the process of designing how these assets move around the network in order to allow the system to function.

Workflows covering content workflows, data driven workflows, form based workflows & more

CentricMinds supports a range of workflows covering content workflows, data driven workflows, form based workflows and more. Workflows can be associated with any resource within CentricMinds including content, data and users.

Authors can design simple workflows; an author modifying content on an Intranet page and triggering a Review workflow. A staff member uploading a new finance spreadsheet and triggering an Approval workflow. A user requesting to join a new work space on the Intranet and triggering a New Member workflow.

Multi-step workflows

Authors can also design more complex, multi-step workflows; A new job applicant submits a Resume to the company and the document triggers the New Applicant workflow which is circulated to various people in HR and Operations. A staff member submits a leave request form and this is circulated to their boss, then to the department management and then to HR for final approval and updating of a HR management system.

The Workflow Designer in CentricMinds allows business users to plan, create and manage simple and highly complex workflows for the organizational Intranet.

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