Multi-site Internet & eCommerce

eCommerce Management.

CentricMinds enables organizations to develop highly customized, user centered eCommerce experiences for both B2C and B2B target audiences.

The suite of eCommerce controls enables points of exchange to be embedded throughout sites managed by CentricMinds allowing commerce strategies to be seamlessly integrated into the overall user experience.

eCommerce Repositories

CentricMinds provides a set of dedicated eCommerce repositories for the administration and management of eCommerce functionality. These include Product Lines, Products, Buyers, Shipping, Orders, Reports and Email management.

Click & Collect

CentricMinds eCommerce supports the ability for purchasers to choose a store to collect their order from (at no shipping cost). This functionality is further enhanced with metadata features that allow organizations to define which products are available for "Click and Collect" and also which products are only available for either delivery or in-store collection (e.g. hazardous/ flammable goods).

User Account & Membership Management

CentricMinds provides a highly scalable User Account environment. Organizations can define user profiles through metadata and apply configurable attributes like security. Member management features allow Internet site users to:

  • Register via the Internet site
  • Once authentication occurs, pre-population of shopping cart details and purchasing history is displayed automatically for members

Inventory Management

CentricMinds provides a model of managing products via Product Lines and their associated Products. This provides the ability to define various attributes at the Product Line level which is applied across all associated products. These attributes include:

Freight Management

CentricMinds provides organizations with full support to designate the weight and dimensions of a product, which is then used to calculate shipping costs. Authors have the ability to designate default weight and dimensions for products and also advanced weight and dimension rules (namely the ability to choose a combination of options and set the weight and dimensions for this combination of options).

Freight management is further enhanced through ability to calculate freight costs based on purchasers address via geographic location.

Dynamic, region based product presentation

Sites managed by CentricMinds can provide the ability to automatically detect the viewers location and provide the option to select that store as the basis of website product information. Related product details and pricing is then presented to the viewer to ensure accuracy of information.

  • Name and product details
    • Standard information across all products e.g. title, description, thumbnail image, etc.
    • Extended information facilitated through metadata; as designated via the chosen Product Line
  • Product management via Metadata
    • Ability to utilize metadata to define key product configuration details and options for both display and purchasing requirements (including location availability, price variation and color options)
    • Ability to designate stock on hand levels based on a combination of the available products options
    • Ability to create and choose metadata elements that form the basis of extended information that can be defined against associated products this provides the flexibility of choosing what data is stored against each given type of product
    • When managing multiple front-end sites the administrator can designate which sites the product will be available on

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