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CentricMinds supports integrations with a range of applications. The CentricMinds API enables developers to integrate additional applications using the suite of RESTful Web Services.

Following are some examples of existing CentricMinds integrations.

Microsoft Office, Outlook & SharePoint

CentricMinds supports native integration with Office 2010, 2013 and 365 and Outlook enabling organizations to leverage the way they work across the cloud and mobile. SharePoint integration enables organizations who have invested in SharePoint to reuse and repurpose content in unique social and mobile ways through CentricMinds.

Google Analytics

CentricMinds supports the use of Google Analytics to track visitor usage across your Internet and Intranet sites. Analytics provide valuable insight and an understanding into how your site is being used which supports measured decision-making and where improvements can be made.

At its simplest, Google Analytics allows you to track page visits and paths users take through your site, but so much more is possible. Using advanced Google Analytics integration, CentricMinds is also able to track user actions covering web page and document interactions, form and workflow processes. Google Analytics eCommerce tracking is supported directly by CentricMinds, enabling checkout funnel visualization and tracking so you know when, where and how customers buy products from your site.

Even your Intranet benefits from knowing how users are engaged. Insights such as which areas of the Intranet are popular and how users get to the site - do they always start on the homepage, or are they following links in emails - provide valuable data for ensuring your intranet is relevant and adds value.

Google Shopping Merchant

Growing numbers of consumers search directly for products before purchasing. Google Shopping presents product specific ads directly inside product search results, increasing click through and likelihood of purchasing compared to regular AdWords campaigns

The CentricMinds eCommerce environment supports the exporting of data to Google Merchant Center, Google's gateway to placing product inside Google Shopping campaigns. By exporting data to Google Merchant Center organizations can create campaigns, which present your product information directly within Google search results. CentricMinds' Google Merchant Center integration works to automatically synchronize your online inventory with Google Merchant. No need to waste time manually entering product data. Leave it to CentricMinds.

HubSpot Marketing Automation

CentricMinds supports integration with HubSpot enabling organizations to gather user data from your site's feedback and contact forms and capturing this data into HubSpot. Once in HubSpot, CentricMinds can automate eDM campaigns and track and manage sales opportunities. By connecting HubSpot to other tools via Zapier, a fully automated sales management funnel can be created that starts with the Internet site deployed using CentricMinds.

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