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CentricMinds is a powerful web content management system .

CentricMinds is chosen by many to perform all sorts of tasks including the management of highly visible Internet sites that serve millions of page views per month, multi-site domains supporting thousands of authors dispersed across geographic locations and timezones, through to Extranet sites allowing partners and suppliers to complete complex business processes via web based interfaces configured directly by the customer.

As a completely web based application CentricMinds can manage web, document content and data across different devices and environments. The in context authoring environment enables the most non-technical business users to feel comfortable preparing, authoring and publishing web content to an Internet or Intranet site quickly and easily.

As a completely web based application CentricMinds can manage web, document content & data across different devices & environments.

Functions like drag and drop media publishing, What You See Is What You Get authoring and the simplicity of switching templates to view how content will be presented to different audiences enables organizations to design sophisticated solutions with CentricMinds.

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