We’ve worked with many not-for-profit’s over the years.

There’s nothing greater than having the opportunity to help, support and serve others who are in need.

The CentricMinds Digital Management platform provides a solution for members, supporters and volunteers to connect and share their ideas, provide feedback and develop relationships for supporting your cause.

Creating a member community drives better engagement between your members and supporters through private messaging. Search community discussions by region, issue, events and more. Remove broken email chains and formalize all communications through a tailored Intranet that connects with your different audiences through targeted content.

CentricMinds offers not-for-profits discounts on all of our product licensing.

Build a strong community using the CentricMinds app

Connect your members, supporters and volunteers through the CentricMinds native app for iOS and Android. Enable your community to chat, review documentation, like and comment on various discussions. The standard CentricMinds native app is free for not-for-profits. Our white label subscription enables you to publish the app branded as your own within the App Store and Google Play. Learn more by downloading the CentricMinds Mobile White Paper.

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