We understand the digital challenges organizations face, and we understand how our workplace software can help. Pairing this understanding enables us to provide a unique support solution.

CentricMinds parent company, Zero, is equipped with a highly skilled team working across multiple locations, and is focused on developing digital workplace experiences that inspire people and drive organizations forward.

When you purchase a CentricMinds product, you are backed by extensive Support options across platform and infrastructure, as well as leading digital consultancy options to deliver bespoke digital workplace solutions utilizing CentricMinds.

Our Product Support Services.


Our extensive digital workplace experience enables us to work with customers to define, plan and deliver projects using our software. Our focus is on supporting the long-term needs of our customers.

UI & UX Design

Imagine if we all drove the same car. Just one type, offering the same experience. We realise every organization is different so we tailor user experiences for our customers, which delivers powerful user engagement.


Most digital workplace consultants resell other products. When it comes to extending these products, they are bound by what vendors allow them to do. As we have complete control, we've got your back.

Support & Training

Business continuity is paramount for any organization. Our proven range of platform and infrastructure support enables us to plan a solution that is designed to meet the expectations of your employees and customers.


Imagine working with a partner that directly influences the software you use.

Most suppliers implement third party technology, where they have no control or influence over the product roadmap. With complex challenges facing the average workplace, our software enables organizations to achieve highly customized experiences tailored to their way of doing business.

Target Intranet design
We're at the epicenter of massive change in the way organizations communicate with their employees, suppliers and customers.

Our experience in working with some of the world's largest brands has enabled us to design our workplace software to scale from small to very large teams covering diverse business rules and complex integrations.

Our design-first approach coupled with our proprietary software enables us to tailor a solution that efficiently connects all audiences across Desktop, Tablet and Phone.

Supporting innovative organizations, both large and small.

CentricMinds is used by organizations representing every industry vertical. Here's just a few case studies.

Sonic HealthPlus
DownerEDi Mining
Kmart Tyre & Auto Service
Cement Australia
Sydney Motorway Corporation
Clark Rubber
Leighton Holdings

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