Implementation & Support

Support & Training.

Our digital workplace solutions power some of the world's largest brands. Our support services range from stand-by environments, through to auto-scaling business critical environments.

Our dedicated support team works with a range of customers to ensure business continuity is maintained across the entire organization at all times.

Each CentricMinds digital workplace solution is supported through a mandatory business continuity plan. Annual plans vary in costs and levels of support being offered, and all plans provide access to our on-line community support portal and training resources.

Uniquely, our enterprise level plans allow organizations to accumulate unused support hours from month to month. Being a popular offering with customers, it allows organizations to accrue unused hours from off-peak months, and then engage us to work with them to perform product configuration and enhancements when redeeming these hours.


Once your new CentricMinds solution is ready for the big time, training your team is fundamental for ensuring the solution succeeds across the organization. Our training programs cover different audiences within the organization and focus on all aspects of how CentricMinds has been configured and deployed.

We work with customers across different geographies and time zones, so we have tailored our training for:

  • On-site (we come to your office and train you in person. This provides the most engaging method for knowledge sharing and meeting the people behind the product)
  • On-line (we have developed each training program for delivery via on-line meeting platforms)
  • 3rd party training location (we work with external training providers to readily utilize external training locations to train a large group of people)

Author Training

The majority of intranet users will be non-technical business users representing all areas of the organization. Author training is designed to take business users through the CentricMinds product and focuses on web content and document management, forms and employee collaboration tools.

Administrator Training

This semi-technical session will take power users through more complex concepts within the CentricMinds platform and specifically covers Security, Metadata and Workflow design and management.

Technical Training

This in-depth session covers technical concepts including Template development, Multi-site setup and configuration and the use of CentricMinds RESTful web services.

Train the Trainer

Our training solution covers training your people to become CentricMinds product experts. Training large and geographically separated teams requires working with our customers to ensure they have subject matter experts within the organization. Having your team trained as trainers allows for economies of scale when it comes to onboarding new users.

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Product Pricing


Intranet & Document Management solution for small to medium teams.

$5,000annual cost
1 to 100 Users

More Contact

  • Includes:
  • *Cloud hosting only (AWS or Azure)
  • Standard Configuration
  • Office 365 integration
  • Forms & Workflow Management
  • Bronze Support


Intranet & Document Management solution for medium sized teams.

$10,000annual cost
100 to 500 Users

More Contact

  • Includes:
  • *Cloud or on-premise hosting
  • Standard Configuration
  • Office 365 integration
  • Forms & Workflow Management
  • Silver Support


Intranet & Document Management solution for medium to large teams.

$20,000annual cost
500 to 1,000 Users

More Contact

  • Includes:
  • *Cloud or on-premise hosting
  • Standard Configuration
  • Office 365 integration
  • Forms & Workflow Management
  • Gold Support


Complete digital workplace solution supporting Intranet, Internet, Extranet & Document Management.

Price on Application
More than 1,000 users

More Contact

  • Includes:
  • *Custom Hosting
  • Custom Configuration
  • Office 365 integration
  • Forms & Workflow Management
  • Platinum Support
  • Infrastructure Support

*Cloud hosting fees are excluded from the CentricMinds licensing costs. All plans are billed annually in advance and do not include setup costs. For Australian customers, all pricing excludes GST.

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