Digital Asset Management

CentricMinds is a powerful Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform allowing organizations to build custom taxonomies and data models for the tagging, indexing and management of large content collections.

CentricMinds goes a step further in allowing complete control over the presentation of the DAM interface, thereby allowing organizations to design end user experiences for different audiences accessing the DAM environment.


With functions including drag and drop asset publishing, desktop integration and auto-metadata association based on the location of publishing in the DAM, organizations can leverage CentricMinds to build out a highly scalable and robust DAM environment.

Key features of the CentricMinds Digital Asset Management offering include:

  • Responsive design (allowing access and viewing of the DAM on desktop, laptop, smart phone and tablet)
  • Completely customizable interface (developers can upload their own HTML/CSS/Scripting and modify the user interface for presentation to different audiences)
  • It is part of the CentricMinds Digital Workplace platform (create custom workflows and form based processes around the DAM environment)
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