Microsoft Office Integration

With more employees working remotely, tools like Office 365 enable a mobile workforce to remain productive no matter where they are.

The CentricMinds integration for Microsoft Office enables organizations to introduce business process automation around how documents are created, approved and published.

Microsoft Office

Supporting integration with Office 2010, 2013 and 2016, the CentricMinds integration for Microsoft Office enables staff to perform the following tasks:

  • Open (users can choose to open a document from the DMS, without the need to check out the document)
  • Insert (users can choose to insert a document into another document. The result is a compound document)
  • New From Existing (users can choose an existing document within the DMS to create a new document from)
  • Check Out (users can choose to check out an existing document from the DMS. This will auto-generate a new version of the chosen document)
  • Undo Check Out (this action will cancel the check out process. The same action applies when a user chooses to check in a document)
  • Check In (the user can check in a new document, or check in a document that they currently have checked out of the DMS)
  • Configure (in some implementations of CentricMinds, the user can choose what CentricMinds web instance they wish to point the Office integration to. This allows users to switch between different DMS domains to perform authoring)

Microsoft Outlook

Email is an integral part of any project correspondence occurring between team members, partners and customers. The CentricMinds integration for Microsoft Outlook enables staff to check in emails to the DMS, and check out documents to email to other parties.

  • Open (users can retrieve emails stored in the DMS and view them natively in Outlook)
  • Check Out (users can choose to check out documents from the DMS and append them to an email for sending to other parties)
  • Check In (users can choose an email sitting in their inbox and choose to check in the email and any attachments to the DMS)
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