The next major version of CentricMinds is here!

Version 8 of CentricMinds focusses on making content and document management easy enough for anyone to use, and more powerful to grow your digital strategy.

2020 has changed the way we work. Millions of us are now working remotely and relying on a range of digital tools to get work done. As we remotely onboard new team members and reach customers and partners exclusively through digital channels, there is an increasing need to source platforms that can solve an ever increasing range of complex content management tasks without the need to grow your in-house technical team.

With Version 8, CentricMinds reinforces our position of customer self-service. Empowering our customers to do as much of the work themselves ensures platform adoption and significant cost savings in managing and maintaining their digital destinations.

CentricMinds Version 8 represents a brand new administration experience for designing, publishing and managing content for both authors and administrators. Every user who authenticates with CentricMinds is now provided with their own Profile – a personalized landing page that presents their contact details, expertise, activity within the site and more. On the authoring side, our intuitive interface enables business users to plan and manage complex content experiences across your Intranet, Internet and Extranet sites.

V8 Administration View

The new administration tools make it easier to manage complex content management tasks, but keeps true to the application design that customers have come to know for more than a decade.

Following is an overview of the new features and improved functions of the CentricMinds Intranet and Digital Experience platform.

Manage your team

Building an amazing team is hard work. Building an exceptional organization, filled with amazing teams, is playing the long game. Profiles within CentricMinds Version 8 enable users to learn more about their team members, and allows Administrators to create Groups and invite Users to join these Groups.

Users can manage their own subscription and notification preferences, and access all of their posts, likes and comments they’ve made across the site. Now all team members have their own personalized destination within the Intranet.

Administrators can define Site and Document Management permissions using the intuitive point and click interface. Users can update their key information, as well as add additional expertise to their profiles. CentricMinds supports integration with Active Directory and enables changes made by users to be synchronized with your AD environment.

Internal Communications

As more organizations move towards a distributed workforce, the need to communicate with all team members across a wide range of categories, both simple and complex, has a direct impact on the productivity and efficiency of everyone working towards the same goals.

Email is still the market leader for internal communication, but most of us understand the broken nature of how email works, and doesn’t work, in targeting the right communication for the right audience.

CentricMinds Internal Communications is a powerful drag-and-drop environment for planning and designing communication across a wide range of categories. Drag and drop your own media directly from your desktop and add graphics to create customized communication.

Choose from templates, assemble your communication and then associate with a range of communications categories before publishing for the whole organization to see, or only a single person.

We’ve helped many organizations solve their internal communication challenges by considering how internal influencers approach business communication.

Next Level Document Management

An efficient document management system can affect the performance of any team. Having a trusted source of truth for the most important content that enables your organization to operate relies on a range of factors including access permissions, version control, workflows, backup and more.

CentricMinds Drive enables you to not only store your documents securely, but to allow your team to access them via a web browser, but also natively using the dedicated CentricMinds Mobile App.

CentricMinds Drive can also connect with existing document repositories and display content from multiple sources within one aggregated view. Connect to Google Drive, SharePoint, Dropbox for Business and more, and search across all of these repositories from within CentricMinds.

CentricMinds Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology has supported customers, both small through to very large for more than a decade in managing large collections of documents. Insights platform, Statista, predicts ECM revenue worldwide will grow from $11B in 2017 to $32B by 2027 because of digital transformation.

Drag and Drop Content Management System

Web Content Management in CentricMinds Version 8 empowers any business user into becoming a content authoring powerhouse! Now you can drag and rearrange content inside any web page across your Intranet, Internet or Extranet site.

When your new page is ready for publishing, ensure it looks correct across phone and table by first selecting to preview your new web page.

Editing forms happens right inside the page as well. Add workflows, permissions and triggers to create complete form based tasks. Choose from the library of content widgets to add rich media, integrations with other platforms, social media and more.

Existing and new customers managing single and multiple websites using CentricMinds will appreciate the dashboard which enables authors to access common authoring tasks and reduce the effort required to get their content publishing tasks scheduled and completed.

Powerful Analytics

CentricMinds supports a range of unique analytics tools. Analytics provide insight into how content is being accessed and used by different audiences within your site. Analytics also covering Security, Workflows, Tasks and more.

Performance enables users to understand how to improve their web content, following best practices and accessibility guidelines.

Native Mobile Apps

CentricMinds Version 8 extends our unique place in the global market for employee Intranet and Team Collaboration solutions. Our native iOS and Android apps enable organizations to provide a personalized Intranet experience in the hands of their teams, no matter where they’re located.

image 20200825123604 1

Version 8 of our native mobile app introduces selfies – take your selfie to populate into your Active Directory environment – support for multiple Document Management environments, improved Events, and the ability to action Tasks right from your phone or tablet.

CentricMinds solves complex content and document management, workflow and collaboration requirements for all types of teams. Explore more about what you can do with Version 8 through accessing our video library. Our video library will walk you through all of the new key features of Version 8 of CentricMinds.

Start your own evaluation by starting a 7 day trial of the CentricMinds Intranet platform today, or Contact us to book a more tailored demonstration of Version 8.

Supporting growing teams

Working with customers across all verticals to deliver successful Intranets, Websites and Team Apps. Our digital tools are customizable to all company sizes and industries.

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