Enterprise Content Management

CentricMinds is a powerful enterprise content management system, and uniquely enables organizations to invest in a single platform for the management of their complete digital workplace needs; Intranet, Extranet, Internet and Document Management.

With dedicated repositories for the ingesting, categorization and management of a myriad of content types, CentricMinds provides a comprehensive solution for the management of digital assets.

Web Content Management

CentricMinds supports the creation of web-based content. Web content can be created through the migration of text from environments like Microsoft Word. Using the in-line Text Editor, authors can craft original web content directly inside their web browser. Once authors have applied styling using the CSS tools the web content is saved as reusable, version controlled Text Items. CentricMinds supports an object-oriented environment and enables the sharing of these Text Items across single or multiple pages within a single or multi-site configuration of CentricMinds.

Document Management

CentricMinds provides a comprehensive Document Management environment supporting the complete document lifecycle. Offering seamless integration with environments include Microsoft Office, Outlook, Windows and Macintosh desktops, many organizations employ CentricMinds to manage small to very large document delivery environments across every industry vertical.

Custom Content Types

CentricMinds supports the ability to ingest and manage any type of arbitrary content type. These may include uncommon video and audio files, discrete engineering and architectural based content file types.

Custom Data Types

CentricMinds enables the creation and management of custom data repositories. These repositories can be use to define metadata-driven content hierarchies which can be used to define structured authoring tasks. Imagine designing a custom content presentation format, where the authoring task is defined through a collection of custom defined form fields. One example is a company Job Board. The authoring tool is the Job Description form. The Job Board is a web page that lists the jobs that have been published to the Job Board. The Job Board can be filtered and its presentation modified based on the audience accessing the Job Board page. Custom Data Types provide a highly configurable method for presenting bespoke content management needs.

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