Enterprise Social Networking

CentricMinds supports common social media interfaces that encourage participation across the entire organization.

Social Engagement

Users can post content and mention other users in their posts by referring to them using the @ mentions feature. Users are notified within CentricMinds that they've been mentioned by other users.

CentricMinds supports users commenting and liking other users posts and also manages the notifications of these events by email and within the Users Profile page inside CentricMinds.


Providing the ability to associate content with other types of content delivers powerful ways of building collections that can be useful when running projects.

Enterprise Social Networks, like their consumer counterparts, enable users to tag content through free text entry. CentricMinds enables users to freely create tags, but will also identify if the user is attempting to use a tag that already exists. In this instance, CentricMinds presents a pick-list of existing tags.

When clicking on an existing tag, CentricMinds will present a new view and automatically display all content including pages, documents, photo's, users and discussions that associated with the chosen tag.

Tag management is presented as a simple to use listing of all tags that have been generated by all users within CentricMinds. Scanning the list will display how many resources are associated with any given tag. Users can also edit existing tags with this action automatically updating all associations.


Any modern Intranet with social collaboration at its core should provide spaces where team members can get things done.

Workspaces are designed to enable teams, or the entire organization, to access and publish content around a specific topic.

Working in a similar way to folders on a file server, workspaces are a dedicated web-based environment for the management of documents, discussions and events.

Access to workspaces is defined through roles, and once users are part of a workspace they can post comments to the workspace as well as drag and drop documents directly from their desktop into a workspace environment.

Organizations can set up workspaces based on departments, projects, clients, topics or any type of taxonomy that reflects the way people work.

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