Cloud Hosting

We have been selected by financial services and government agencies to manage sensitive and secure content and data.

CentricMinds supports a range of hosting options, including on-premise, dedicated AWS and Azure cloud, and a hybrid of both. CentricMinds powers large-scale Intranets (25,000+ staff) as well as high performance Internet sites (millions of unique sessions per month), and for these reasons we've developed CentricMinds to scale to deal with the expectations placed on the platform.

Amazon Web Services

The CentricMinds environment within AWS includes:

  • Amazon S3 File & Media Repository Storage. The storage of all files and media in Amazon S3, rather than on each server, provides shared file storage and reduces required traffic going to each server.
  • Elastic Search. By utilizing Elastic Search, CentricMinds is able to provide scalable & distributed search indexes.
  • Amazon Relational Database Service. Making use of Amazon RDS to store data provides CentricMinds with a fast, scalable and highly available managed database.
  • Amazon Auto Scaling. Through implementing the three items above, the servers hosting CentricMinds don't include any author managed content and thus can be used in an automated scaling scenario of being added and removed as desired without any on-going assistance from AWS or the vendor. Amazon's Elastic Load Balancing is used to automatically share the traffic across the active servers.

Microsoft Azure

The CentricMinds environment within Microsoft Azure includes:

  • Azure Storage.
  • Cloud Search.
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Load Balancing.