Custom Data Repositories

Capture any type of data and design how you’d like to present it. CDR’s are like having your own development team, without the coding.

Custom Data Management

Custom Data Repositories (CDR’s) enable organizations to set up, manage and maintain bespoke content and data repositories that are custom to how an organisation may wish to run their operation.

No Coding

Organizations have diverse and unique data requirements and in most cases off the shelf software doesn’t quite fit the bill. If your requirements are to capture, store and display unique data, CentricMinds CDR’s provide you with the tools to create your own custom data repositories with point and click ease. No coding required.

Support of Unique Applications

We’ve supported customers in the design and development of unique applications that are then deployed across Intranets, Internet and Extranet environment. These apps include tailored job boards, reporting dashboards, registers which are searchable, business process tools and more.