Event Management

Create and manage events and tasks for your team. Push tasks to team members on their phone using the CentricMinds native apps.

Public and Private Events

CentricMinds enables users to create both public and private events simply through choosing a date from the Events Calendar and defining the event attributes. Users can define who the audience for the event is and which roles can view and modify the event details.

iCal Integration

Each event supports iCal integration allowing users to click an event and automatically add it to their desktop Outlook environment or web-based Gmail environment.

Task Management

CentricMinds provides a powerful Task Management environment, allowing you to create, assign and then track task workflows across individuals and groups. The reporting dashboard enables task managers to review task progress, create sub-tasks and allow users to discuss the task. For those team members with the CentricMinds native app installed, you can push tasks to individuals where they can review and complete tasks while they are on the go.