Product Overview.

CentricMinds is a unique enterprise web content management platform. Our cloud-based and on premise application suite covers Internet site management, Intranet site management, Document Management and Enterprise Social Networking through our Stream platform.

Why CentricMinds?

Our product has been selected by small business through to enterprise and government for its intuitive and powerful out-of-the-box offering that minimizes deployment and configuration effort, reducing the overall cost of acquisition and project ownership.

CentricMinds also provides multiple deployment options enabling our customers to choose how and where their content and data can be stored and managed. CentricMinds supports Amazon Web Services, Azure and a variety of on premise options.

Internet Management

Providing a unique web content authoring environment, supporting personalization, ecommerce management and a variety of integrations, many organizations rely on CentricMinds for the management of their online destinations that deliver results. Learn more about designing and deploying your new Internet presence using CentricMinds.

Intranet Management

The CentricMinds out-of-the-box (OOTB) Intranet is a powerful turn-key solution chosen by organizations covering every industry vertical. Coupled with our native iOS and Android apps, your team can stay connected no matter where they are located within the organization. Learn more about launching your new Intranet destination using CentricMinds.

Document Management

Many organizations still struggle with general information management and distribution for their employees. For most, knowledge is the lifeblood of the operation and relying on file servers and email to share your knowledge leads to duplication, loss of productivity and error. Learn more about taking back control of your document management using CentricMinds.

Enterprise Social Networking

People make the organization, and their general know how isn't usually stored within documents. Accessing this knowledge capital can be achieved through the sharing of ideas and discussions. We all personally share what's happening through our social media, but a social network within your organization can encourage greater participation and sharing of organizational know how. Learn more about connecting your internal team using our enterprise social network built using CentricMinds.

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