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14 Day Intranet Trial For SaaS For Small & Medium Businesses

Intranet Trial

We're super excited to announce the launch of CentricMinds SaaS! So excited in fact that we want to rock out!

It started with a simple question. We asked ourselves ‘can we bring a fully featured enterprise software product down to a price where small to medium teams can access it?’

The challenges centered around both one of economics and technology; how do we offer a product with a sizeable development cost at a lower consumer price point, and, could we prove that the software could run successfully within an environment with limited resources at the same time ensuring there’s no disruption to the end user experience.

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We’re excited to launch our SaaS offering, a complete self-service offering of the CentricMinds Intranet & Extranet platform designed for teams of up to 200 people. Following the free 14 day trial, users can choose from a Bronze, Silver or Gold plan and pay month by month using a credit card.

Once users have also downloaded the free CentricMinds iOS and Android app, teams can then connect to their CentricMinds SaaS environment and start collaborating while they are on the move.

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