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3 Ways You Can Leverage Your Intranet To Align Your Team And Deliver Superior Customer Experience

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Ask people what they like best about some well-known cult brands, and they'll likely tell you it's all about the customer experience.

Consumer and enterprise brands like Zappos, Warby Parker, Slack and HipChat have become what many companies aspire to when it comes to delivering a great customer experience. The reason is their teams delight the customer at every touch point. It’s not just about marketing, sales or customer service. It’s about the organization as a whole.

A brand’s customer experience cannot exist in a silo. Salesforce’s Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist Tiffani Bova emphasizes that customers will have several different engagements with a company, and at one time or another, everyone is going to have to execute on a superior customer experience. The way companies want customers to experience their brand should be ingrained in the DNA of company culture and needs to be understood by every employee, from the CEO right down to the newly hired intern.

That’s where leveraging your Intranet comes into play.

1. Using Your Intranet to Support Team Collaboration

Aligning teams to deliver on superior customer experience starts by supporting team collaboration. Hierarchies shouldn’t exist with information shared on the Intranet. Everyone has the opportunity to learn, share and communicate new ideas. The executive level is responsible for ensuring company objectives are clear, and every department should provide information on how they are delivering on those objectives, what their challenges are, and what they are identifying as being the most effective. Your Intranet is a repository for all this information and provides your team with powerful ways to share and access what they need.

A McKinsey study found that social technologies improve productivity by up to 25%. Teams are able to resolve problems or share insights quickly and easily. When it comes to customer-facing problems or new ideas, team members receive instant feedback they can act on.

It’s not enough to simply have all that information in one place. Search is part of what makes a company’s Intranet such a powerful tool. Search terms relating to customer experience offers up access to wikis, blogs, documents and more that everyone can read or contribute to.

Beyond instant access to information, the Intranet is also where teams can engage in real time communication. This allows for instant collaboration, a proven productivity booster. A McKinsey study found that social technologies improve productivity by up to 25%. Teams are able to resolve problems or share insights quickly and easily. When it comes to customer-facing problems or new ideas, team members receive instant feedback they can act on.

Open team collaboration provided by your Intranet allows teams to be agile, giving them the ability to review new information relating to customers, and the ability to iterate quickly to optimize on what’s converting or remove what’s failing. Team members across all business areas come together to become co-developers of how customers are experiencing your brand. Insights and lessons can be openly shared so that everyone in the organization can learn from each other’s wins and losses. This type of integrated collaboration encourages the development of innovative ideas among staff, with customers being the main beneficiaries.

2. A Culture of Transparency

Many companies fail to share important metrics that relate to the customer experience. These performance metrics are often owned by marketing or sales, but this type of siloed thinking prevents information sharing that could improve tactics for engaging customers.

Accessible metrics, updated in real time, ensure that teams have the data they need to know if customers are happy, what their success rates are, and what the rate of referral is. Every company may have different metrics, but the data matters to everyone.

The Intranet is also a portal of customer information, able to give teams access to meaningful customer data. All customer interactions can be stored and organized so that customer-facing team members have instant access to that information. This is helpful to other areas of the company as well. Customer data can help marketing build stronger personas, or help development teams learn if there are gaps in what’s currently offered.

The Intranet enables a culture of transparency, empowering people and teams to make decisions quickly and easily. Whether it’s updates on products, new phrasing in how to explain something to a customer, or exposing a common customer complaint, the Intranet makes it possible for companies to effectively break traditional communication boundaries and streamline communication.

3. The Intranet is Always Within Reach

Employees today have flexible work schedules, and many are often working remotely. But team members require access to information and the ability to collaborate with team members.

Mobile Intranets allow employees to securely access the information they need anytime and anywhere. Customer care is a 24-hour job, and having customer information delivered via a mobile Intranet helps everyone work more efficiently to deliver a superior customer experience.

Internal culture is ultimately outward facing. When teams are empowered to innovate and collaborate quickly and easily, this translates to how customers experience your brand. Delivering the best possible customer experience should be the true north of every organization, and that means supporting teams with tools to help them deliver that experience. An Intranet makes it possible for teams to align effectively and productively, and that translates into happy customers.

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