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Actionable Insights Webinar for 2019: Top 10 Predictions On Technology Impact In The Workplace

Intranet Webinar

CentricMinds and Aragon Research will present a one hour webinar on why a modern Intranet and Extranet matters to your organization.

As the Digital Workplace evolves to cater for off-premise cloud-based applications that are accessed by a socially connected, mobile-first workforce, a shift in the future of work platforms is underway.

In this webinar, Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst of Aragon Research, and Tod Pedler, CEO and Founder of CentricMinds, will discuss the shifts coming to the workplace and why there is a better way to engage associates and external audiences, including partners.

The webinar will specifically cover:

  • Key trends that are impacting how people work
  • How Intranets and Extranets need to evolve in order to support a modern digital workplace
  • How enterprises can leverage new digital employee experiences in order to gain competitive advantage and boost employee engagement

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