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First Financial Launches CentricMinds Intranet

First Financial Intranet

First Financial, a leading wealth management firm based in Melbourne, Australia, specializes in financial planning and superannuation management.

The Challenge

A Central Place for Documents

First Financial’s main requirement was to create a central place to store and manage all documents. Initially, employees were using a standard network drive. The issue with this approach was that it became increasingly difficult to identify the latest version of documents. Versions were saved in different folders and employees spent a great amount of time attempting to identify the correct versions to work with.

A Central Place for News and  Announcements

News and Announcements were sent by email, however, employees weren’t necessarily reading them. As a result, the time and energy spent in preparing and publishing emails turned out to be unproductive as most of the team were not engaged by them.

The Solution

Powerful Document Management Solution

The CentricMinds suite of document management tools was able to assist in the capturing, categorization and management of document collections.

Version Control

Version Control assisted employees to improve efficiency in the use of documents by maintaining revision history and having full control over documents.

Enterprise Search

Employees were able to save time by easily searching for documents across all folders using the powerful and native search of CentricMinds.

Announcements and News

Publishing news and announcements to the CentricMinds Intranet enabled everyone to easily identify where to go for current news from one central location.

Article Publishing

The complexity of creating news and sending email was replaced by the effortless process of publishing a post via the Intranet.

Form Submissions

Forms are now stored in a central location that enables employees to find and submit information in a more time-efficient manner.

The Results

CentricMinds was able to deliver a comprehensive Intranet solution that covered First Financial’s needs.

Improved Efficiency and Employee Engagement

The use of the CentricMinds Intranet assisted to increase more efficient processes and reduce the time spent searching for documents. It also improved employee engagement towards corporate news and announcements.

The CentricMinds intranet has meant that we all finally have one place to go to for important announcements and documents. We are now able to locate what we need more quickly and efficiently.

Ilana Donde-Operations Manager

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