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How To Motivate Your Mobile Team

Mobile Intranet

As the digital workplace changes, so does the definition of 'remote worker.'

Nearly all workers have the ability to be mobile and work remotely to some extent, and mobile teams can be composed of many different types of workers. It can include a worker who’s fully remote, one who works from home a couple days a week, an employee who consistently travels, or even someone based from the home office but is out all day making sales calls.

As teams become increasingly mobile, the big question for most businesses is “how do we motivate a mobile team?” When managers and executives aren’t physically with employees, how do they get them engaged with their work?

Fortunately, mobile-first platforms are evolving right alongside the digital workplace to enable efficient and productive workflows, keeping team members connected to each other and engaged with their work.

Using video to stay connected

Get your team on a mobile-first video chat platform. Do your research to be sure you’re using something reliable, that won’t be choppy, drop calls, have stream lags, or other annoying technical issues. Choose something that can be easily used from desktop or mobile, and enables collaborative tools like screen sharing and easy uploads so that ideas can flow as freely as they do in person.

Sure, you can do this on a phone call without having to look at anyone’s face or wonder if everyone working from home is actually wearing pants today, but people tend to feel more connected and engaged when they can see each other.

Support consistent conversations

Although remote work comes with all kinds of benefits, one negative is the potential for remote or mobile employees to feel isolated from coworkers. This isolation can lead to disengagement from their work if they don’t feel part of the overall company culture or don’t understand how their role plays into the company’s success.

Chat apps help employees engage with one another professionally and personally. When your employees have easy access to one another, no matter where they are, they can easily brainstorm new ideas, work on projects together, or just gain feedback. Additionally, they have a private space to take a virtual break and connect with one another on non-work interests. The connections formed at work go a long way in helping motivate mobile workers by connecting them to their coworkers and their company.

All voices matter

Mobile workers may not get much facetime with managers and executives, making them feel they have little control over their work. All employees should feel empowered to voice concerns and problems, as well as successes and what’s working for them. Make sure mobile workers have just as much opportunity as anyone else in the company to share concerns, gripes, wins and losses. They should have a platform to advocate for themselves and the work they are doing, both privately with managers and publicity with coworkers or even the whole company.

Whether this is performed via your company’s Intranet, on your chat app, or a platform designed to get feedback from employees, giving mobile workers a voice offers them visibility no matter where they are, helping them to feel valued and visible.

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