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Mobile Digital Workforce Trends for 2020

Is your organization taking advantage of the changing way that we work?

Is your organization taking advantage of the changing way that we work?

The mobile digital workforce is here. Walk down the street in any bustling city in the world and you’ll see it everywhere you look. A broker taking a call from a client with their Airpods. A designer sketching on his tablet outside a cafe. A hip new WeWork location bustling with people collaborating on their sticker-clad laptops. A Deliveroo driver checking her incoming order on the app.

Is your organization taking advantage of the changing way that we work?

The mobile digital workplace is rapidly evolving. Let’s check out 2020’s mobile trends for business - and how you can get in on the action.

What is the mobile digital workforce?

The mobile digital workforce is your team, revolutionized by the power of mobile.

Work from anywhere and collaborate in real time with anyone. Boost productivity. Increase employee engagement and happiness; in turn become a more desirable employer with the ability to retain top talent. Interact quickly with low friction when it comes to servicing and supporting customers or clients, in turn making them happier, too.

It’s all possible with the right mobile workforce solution.

Trend #1: Remote work captures a younger talent demographic

“SMBs are taking steps to make the workplace more attractive to younger workers — who expect a more flexible, collaborative and technology-enabled workplace… spiking support for remote workers. Today, 37% of SMB’s say 20% or more of their workforce currently telecommute, and 28% expect this to rise in the next year.” - 2019 Top 10 SMB Technology Trends, SMB Group.

Go remote and become a more desirable workplace.

With Millennials and Gen X’ers now powering much of the workforce, organizations are realizing that these employees value different employment conditions than their predecessors. These people know technology and want to use it - plus they don’t want to be chained to a desk all day.

Not ready for fully remote work? It doesn’t necessarily have to be. Think about this: when employees can work via mobile during their commute while on the clock, then they’re going to be less frustrated if their morning train or bus commute takes an hour. This means employees can potentially rent or purchase property further out from the office, without the commute cutting into their valuable personal time.

The option to work remotely via mobile will help to attract and retain top talent, which is why remote work is increasingly rapidly.

Trend #2: A more cohesive digital experience

“The process of Digital Experience (DX) is to bring each user (employee) a personalized and cohesive view of (and interactions with) your brand across various digital touchpoints.” - CentricMinds report, What Are The Digital Experience Trends in 2019?

If you work on making a killer app, and it looks and feels nothing like your desktop apps or Intranet in the office, or even your external internet site or social media, it presents a disjointed digital experience for employees.

Look and feel across digital platforms matters. The way in which a user completes workflows and navigates digital spaces on different platforms matters.

Tweaking these elements across all digital touchpoints for cohesiveness helps eliminate user confusion, frustration, and error in navigation. This in turn increases employee satisfaction and reduces time spent undertaking actions with poor outcomes.

Trend #3: Personalization of the mobile workplace

We are at the beginning of what’s being termed Industry 4.0, “a new way of value creation disrupting business models, products, divisions, processes, and methods… triggered by digitalization, automation through connection of all human or machine actions, associated with the entire value chain.”  - The CXO Perspective on Industry 4.0, Deloitte.

Deloitte hones in on mobile apps as one technology driver of the Industry 4.0 revolution and individualization as one of the market drivers. Where the two meet is where the magic happens.

What does this individualization or personalization look like? Think AI-driven app feeds that surface the most relevant content for a user. For a retail manager, it might be an info package about a new product, or a reminder for an onboarding meeting. For one of the new hires that will be attending the onboarding meeting, it might be a HR form to work through, or personalized workplace training modules to browse.

Trend #4: Fast, reliable, multimodal communication

“While there is still a huge demand for voice, today (we) realize that it needs to be part of a broader multimodal portfolio. (Organizations) also want video, collaboration, and mobile access, and they want it to be more seamless and more automated.” - Aragon Research Globe for Unified Communications and Collaboration 2019

VOIP and video conferencing solutions that pixelate, cut out, or distort aren’t only frustrating, they’re disruptive to meeting flow and waste time along with patience. With 5G rollout progressing across the world, we’re coming to a point where uninterrupted internet conferencing is just around the corner.

Mobile apps that offer complete (uninterrupted) communication and collaboration for users, including individual and group voice, video, IM, filesharing, and group chat options will flourish in the digital workplace. Enterprise social networking as part of the platform will help put employees in touch with the right people at the right time.

Attractive mobile options will value high security and searchability.

And more from a tech perspective…

Other trends that will continue to gain traction include:

  • Deeper employee insights through mobile business intelligence; such as learning which times an employee is most productive on their phone
  • Workflow automation across different enterprise apps; such as sending a hot pre-sales lead to a group chat to see who’s available to catch up for a meeting in the next 2 hours in the city
  • Gamification of mobile work tasks; such as earning badges or redeemable points to boost user engagement

Get Started with CentricMinds

We have created a digital workplace app that can help organizations take advantage of 2020’s mobile workforce trends. The CentricMinds app increases employee engagement and internal communications among remote/mobile/frontline and deskless employees, as well as with those in the office. Revolutionize the way your employees work and personalize it so that they love it too.

Don’t just take our word for it. Head over and download our CentricMinds app to give it a test run for yourself, or contact us to learn more.

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