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The Importance For Intranet Software

Intranet software

Every modern organization in the world relies on software to function. At the heart of most organizations is a solution that connects staff with the systems and content they need to get their job done. This solution is commonly referred to as the Intranet. Intranet's are a lot like the average family car; they come in different shapes and sizes, can cost a little or cost a lot, and there are varying opinions about which is the best. But ultimately, an Intranet is designed to assist in moving your organization from point A to B, safely and securely.

The market for Intranet software is large and diverse, and with cloud and mobile solutions becoming more prevalent within business, the way we work is changing forever. Intranet software is transforming from a desktop only experience, to a cloud based mobile experience allowing staff to connect with services no matter where they might be working from one day to the next.

Intranet software will continue to transform from the traditional, one way approach of delivering static information to everyone across the organization, into a mobile first real-time platform that connects both content and data from multiple systems and delivers this in a personalized fashion for the end user.

Intranet software is typically offered through two deployments models.

Cloud based

Hosting your new Intranet in the cloud is the model growing in popularity, where you host the Intranet within your own dedicated cloud, or where the vendor hosts the solution on your behalf.

On Premise

The more traditional deployment model is to host your new Intranet internally within your private work domain.

Intranet software is typically sold in two ways.

Once off cost

Some vendors offer a ‘once off cost’ to purchase the Intranet software licensing outright. When offered, this usually can be the most expensive purchasing arrangement with the benefits being a one time only fee.

Subscription cost

Most vendors have moved to a subscription model for licensing their Intranet software. This provides a number of benefits including paying for the solution over a longer period of time, and receiving more frequent updates/new versions of the software as they are released. 

Most intranet software vendors will offer you a choice of both purchasing models, and this will depend largely on the size of your organization (how many people will need to have access to use the Intranet).

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