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What Do CentricMinds Team Member WFH Setups Look Like?

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We were curious to find out what WFH setups across our team looked like. So we asked some team members to send us a photo of their setup at home.

We decided to share these images with you so that you can decide for yourself if these particular setups match the role! Some pets were included, and importantly, none were harmed in the making of this post.

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The first image is the home setup of Maria, our Marketing Manager.

Andrei, Support Team Leader 

Office Desk Andrei

Dylan, Sales Development Representative 

Office desk Dylan

Brenden, Sales Director 

Office Desk Brenden

John, Chief Technology Officer

Office John

Abby, UI Designer

Office Abby

Jasper, Software Engineer 

Jasper Office


Rachel, General Manager

Rachel Office

Tod, Director 

Office Desk Tod

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