A single platform that connects teams with customers and partners

Our integrated Digital Workplace platform connects team members across the organization, while at the same time publishing tailored information for trusted partners and promoting personalized content to your customers.

Implement without IT

Our out-of-the-box SaaS solution is designed to allow your non-technical teams to get up and running fast.

Our project services can assist you with your specific implementation requirements.

Support team unity

Our Intranet software helps your teams work together, share more and keep everyone connected to your vision.

Now you can regularly share wins and progress with the entire team and view the pulse of the organization.

Size doesn't matter

We've worked with small, medium and very large organizations to implement from standard to more sophisticated Digital Workplace solutions.

Our proven model scales for organizations of all sizes.

Deliver information when it matters

Target content towards specific groups or locations. Create the go-to place for primary work day activities happening across the organization.

Personalize team member experiences with tailored content that matters the most to them.

Keep everyone in the loop. Created for growing teams

Become a vibrant workplace by easily sharing events across the organization. Feature stories that celebrate culture, milestones, wins and exciting news. 

Document Management

At the heart of our intranet software is a powerful document management system. Eliminate duplicates, drag and drop, easily track changes on documents and more.

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Discussion Groups

Get team and project discussions out of noisy email chains. Share information on a topic of interest. Collaborate on specific projects.

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Set up workflows, organise and assign tasks. Set up timelines, show progress of projects and time to completion.

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Enterprise Social Networking

Tag, Mention, Like and Comment. Use our social networking tools to interact with your team.

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Single Sign On

Create a one stop point of access for all team members to work from. Log in once and gain access to all systems.

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Enhance performance and collaboration of teams distributed across different locations using CentricMinds iOS and Android app.

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